Tuesday, May 24, 2011


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Monday, May 2, 2011

mumsey's day... no green boots!

As the only child of a single parent, my mom means the world to me. My mom did a lot for me as a child and still does SO MUCH! To say she sacrificed a lot for me is an understatement. So remembering her on Mother's Day is the least I can do.

Remembering her is not a problem, but sometimes buying a gift for her is. I don't think she is necessarily difficult to buy for but I have to really think about what she can use or what she likes. My mom likes her life uncomplicated. If she doesn't use it or doesn't like it, she will toss it without a second thought. She hates clutter and values space. You could never host one of those clutter shows at her house. You know the ones... where they go through everything, decide what they never use or wear and hold a garage sale to raise money to renovate and decorate. She donates to goodwill on a monthly basis. I remember once I got her green boots to match her Green Beetle and I saw them in the Good Will pile shortly after and she said don't look at that. I laughed, it really didn't hurt my feelings because I knew, she knew, I tried. I have gotten better at choosing gifts for her as I have gotten older. I think because as I have gotten older I have gained a better understanding of what I like and I am pretty much Judy (my mama) Jr. And as a rule of thumb, don't buy anyone green boots!

I don't care if she gives my gift away or really doesn't like it. I just want her to know I am grateful she is mother and that I thought of her. I love you Mumsey!

Favorite Go To Gifts For My Mom
(The simple can't go wrong and I'm almost out of time quick get something list!)

1. Perfume, my mom loves Yves Saint Laurent's Opium. But this is a very strong scent and not for everyone, find out what perfume your mama loves, so you have a go-to gift.

2. Jackson Perkin's Rose Bush, I love giving mama flowers that will continue to bloom. If you decide to do this. Pick a rose that has a strong scent, a fitting name or a great color. Also offer to plant it for her. You don't want to be giving her more work to do. Nobody wants to receive a chore as a gift!

3. SPECIAL Vase with Flowers, I like to pick out a vase that matches her china pattern or something that I just know she will love and take that to the florist and have them put an arrangement in that. When they see the flowers they are happy and then you get a startled happier squeal when they see the vase isn't just another generic run of the mil throw away. It shows you put some thought into it!

4. Spa Day, can't go wrong with this one. Whether it's a certificate for a mani and pedi at her favorite nail place or a full on day at the the spa with a soak and a massage, you can not go wrong! 

5. Bubble Bath Basket & PJ's, sometimes mom's need their own time out! Put together a gift of her favoite bubble bath and lotions. My mom loves Vitabath, and I like Khiel's. Pajama's are something nice to add to this gift. My mom has worked the night shift since I was born. She is a hard worker but when she isn't working she's in her PJ's or "lounge wear". Ger her something pretty but comfortable and remember not every mom likes a nightgown!

DO NOT FORGET THE CARD! Soo many people are not buying cards anymore and it's a shame. The card is special (for some moms anyway). The card is something they can hang in their office or on the fridge and brag to their friends. It's a opening for them to say "Hey, I raised an awesome kid, guess what they did for me on Mother's Day!"

MOTHER'S DAY IS SUNDAY, MAY 8th.  Hope everyone has a beautiful Mother's Day!