Tuesday, August 30, 2011

happy 30th jeff; rubix cube cake, ecto cooler, dirty dancing cocktail, pac-man banner, and garbage pail kid favors! oh.my.80's!

This past Friday I threw an 80's theme party for my boyfriend's 30th birthday! I had only a week and half to plan it because we decided last minute to have a party. Luckily I found a few good vendors that shipped quickly!

The theme all started because of the Rubix cube cake I wanted to make for Jeff. He can solve a Rubix cube very quickly. When we first started dating I would go over his place and mix up his collection of Rubix cubes (he had about 7 and I thought it would bother him but it didn't lol) and before I would leave he would have them all fixed and back to solid colors on each side.

The cake did not turn out perfect, but I am pretty proud that I actually made it myself and didn't call Cake Boss to make it!

Handmade Pac-Man birthday banner(matched the card I made him)! I also hung Pac-Man ghosts from the arms of the chandelier. 

Sign I painted for the front door so that I didn't have to keep answering the door.

I searched for vintage birthday party supplies on Etsy and Ebay and found cups, plates, napkins from the 80's still sealed in their original packaging!

I found New Kids On The Block Napkins, Pee Wee, He-man, E.T., A-Team, cups, plates, napkins and tablecloths.

I made the favors for the party. I purchased Garbage Pail Kids cards for every name that was attending the party. I made the cupcakes and cut out the fondant decorations. I did the MTV logo, a cassette tape, Pac-Man, Pac-man ghosts,the Ghostbuster's logo, and I heart the 80's. I found a vendor on etsy that sells the cupcake containers and I used neon straws and double sided tape to attach the cards.

Fondant cupcake toppers.

The favors were a fun unexpected hit at the party. Everyone had fun finding their name and seeing how gross their card was!

Echto Cooler sign I drew, before and after painting.

Jeff loves Hi-C Echto Cooler, which is something that is no longer made so I tried to recreate it for him. The drink I made came pretty close! I drew the Echto Cooler logo with Slimer from Ghostbusters, went over it in permanent marker and colored it with water colors to put on the front of the dispenser so that everyone would know it was Echto Cooler. I used a vintage Goonies thermos to hold the straws next to the punch. I put a picture of Vanilla Ice on the ice bucket.

My "I Carried A Watermelon" Cocktail

I had kept everything pretty 80's guy oriented but I had to give a nod to my favorite 80's movie of all time, Dirty Dancing. I made up a watermelon drink, which I named "I Carried a Watermelon". Named because of a line that the character Baby says in the movie. I handmade the toothpicks for the drink. I used a label setting on my printer and printed them out on card stock paper. Each pick had a memorable quote from the movie Dirty Dancing on the back of it. It was funny- I made this drink thinking it would be a hit with the ladies at the party and I was surprised that the guys seemed to love it more and were quoting the movie all night!

I bought 80's candy and shutter shades to put out around the party which was a big hit as well. By the end of the night people were rocking shutter shades and ring pops! 

If I had more time I would have done more, I had sooo many ideas! We had a fun night and Jeff said he loved his party! As our friend Justin left the party he said to me "Down the road, years from now, this is the party everyone is going to talk about and remember. We will reference this party." He pretty much made my night! xo Lizzie

A shout out to the vendors!
Old Time Candy - Shipped the candy very quickly and called me to fix my order!
Hilltop Auctions  - An ebay store. Shipped the Garbage Pail Kids cards very quickly and all of the cards shipped for $1 shipping.
The Oriental Trading Company - The place where I found the least expensive shutter shades, and they shipped quick!
Cupcake Gatherings - Etsy vendor where I purchased the cupcake containers for the favors.
80's Tee - I bought myself a Dirty Dancing tee here and JT got a Back to the Future shirt. Fast shipping!
Howard Levy Photography - Jeff & I were too busy to take photos luckily our photographer friend had us covered! Thank you!


  1. How funny is that... I remember Ecto Cooler and we used to sneak the Super Mario Bros. mini sodas from the fridge!!! Oh... to be kids again... I don't think I have too many childhood memories without Jeff in them :) Glad he has someone who cares so much!

  2. This is pretty m uch the coolest shit I've ever seen.

  3. this is great! do you happen to have the ET tablecloth for sale?

  4. there is one on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/VTG-E-T-Birthday-Party-Pack-Sealed-Cups-Plates-Tablecover-Napkins-Set-8-/170709000189?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27bf0c9ffd#ht_1513wt_1252

  5. What a cute party! Is any of the 80's stuff still for sale? Can you contact me via e-mail?

    Thanks a bunch for all the awesome ideas!

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  7. I am overwhelmed with all of the email I received requesting to buy items from my party! I am so happy everyone liked my idea, thank you! I decided to list my items on ebay.

    You can find the listing here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=200663829248#ht_753wt_1185 Thank you!!!

  8. Thank you for the ideas! I am doing an 80s Prom New Year Party and love some of your stuff! Thank you!

  9. Love ALL your ideas but not all will work for the NE party..


  10. Any chance you could please send me or post your recipe for the ecto cooler and the watermelon cocktail? Awesome job, love it!

  11. These are fabulous ideas!! I'm throwing an 80s birthday party next month and am looking for ideas. Can I get the recipe for the ecto cooler and cocktail as well? Also, what did you do for inviations?

  12. Hi! this looks amazing! I am throwing my own '80s party for my birthday, and wondered if you would share your watermelon cocktail?

  13. this is awesome! I'm planning an 80's theme party for my husbands 30th birthday surprise party. I can't believe you did all of that in a week and a half...great work! Love it, and this is very helpful for ideas :)

  14. Is there a place to find the recipes? I'm throwing my husband a surprise 32nd birthday next month with an 80s theme. Your party will pretty much be the model for it - great job!

  15. Where did you purchase the Garbage Pail Kids Name Cards???

  16. @Zen what recipe are you needing. I have been meaning to do a post with recipes from this party. I have just been so busy! Let me know what you need and I will message you the recipe.

    @Reina Links to the vendor's pages are posted at the bottom of the post. The cards came from Hilltop Auctions. Thanks!

  17. Thank You! Im having a 30th with close to 100 guests... $2 per card will add up :(

  18. I would love to see your recipe for the echto cooler thanks!

  19. Could you please share your recipe for ecto cooler?

  20. Can I have the recipe for the ecto-cooler please?

  21. Thank you for posting this i am having a huge 80's Blowout for my 13th B day it's gonna be even better now that i know some stuff i could and i had no clue my fav candy was from the 80's!!!! (Sour Patch Kidz) I am gonna have 2 bowls hangin around at the party! YOU ROCK!!!!

  22. Would love theecto-cooler recipe!!

  23. I was wondering if you would be willing to share the watermelon drink recipe with me.

  24. Would love to have your watermelon drink recipe if you are willing to share.