Saturday, August 6, 2011

liquid sunshine; pineapple mango coconut smoothies

I love making smoothies, it's kinda "my thing". In the words of  Will Smith's character in Enemy of the State, "Some people meditate, some people get massages, I blend."

I don't measure ingredients when I make smoothies I just add flavors that I think would complement each other and taste it throughout the process.

There are a few tips I can give. I do not like using too much ice, so I freeze my fruit ahead of time and it makes for a thicker icy smoothie. Add a little of the liquid at a time because its easier to add liquid than it is to remove it. And instead of water try using something that will add another layer of flavor (juice, almond milk, coconut water).

Coconut Water (can use coconut milk if you want more coconut flavor & sweetness)
Coconut (to toast for garnish)
Allspice (just a dash)

I am soaking up the sun and this beautiful Saturday! Enjoy yours! xo Lizzie

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