Thursday, August 18, 2011

paris details: sky high heels & fold-able flats

I am getting professional pictures taken during my upcoming trip to Paris. I was obsessing over the details of what I would wear. I had heard you should never wear black in photos and I was concerned because of course the dress I found is black! I asked my drop dead gorgeous extremely talented French photographer, Audrey, for her opinion on the color.

She said simply, "Wear what you're comfortable in and you will look beautiful.... but you must wear high heels, you must. Even if you switch out of them between takes."

I love fashion and look at it as a great form of art and expression, but I refuse to be uncomfortable to look good. (I loved hearing about Gisele Bundchen refusing to wear heels on the runway!) I also think that when you are uncomfortable you don't look good. I see it all the time here in NYC, beautiful girls dressed to impress, the look ruined because they can't stand up straight and their faces squinched because their feet hurt so much. It doesn't look good ladies.

Enzo Angiolini 'Sully' Silver Halogram Platform Pump, Y-Mail Clutch by Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel Lipstick

Anyways, I bought the sky high heels for my shoot. They are my first pair of 4 inch heels. They are sparkly and totally brilliant with gold platform bottoms. I have been wearing them around the house with socks on to break them in before my trip.

After our photo shoot we are having dinner in the Eiffel Tower at Jules Verne, so there is just no way I can wear these heels if I have to walk to dinner. So I found something I can pop on until we get to the restaurant! FOLDABLE FLATS! Every woman needs a pair of these... or 3!

click photo to enlarge

These are by  Fit In Clouds. They are more expensive than other brands like Dr. Scholl's Fast Flats but I liked the quality and the extra sparkle these have. I bought mine at on sale.

Seriously can not wait to dance all over Paris in these! It's almost time... xo Lizzie


  1. I love these pumps, they are adorable!

  2. those shoes are incredible, and I love that clutch, because I love old letters!

    x. jill

  3. Hi Elizabeth - Do you still wear these shoes? Do you still enjoy them? I love to hear more feedback from you on these! I'm collecting feedback on how to improve the next version of it and how to get better visibility of such a product! - Steve