Monday, August 15, 2011

happy 30th jeff; handmade pac-man birthday card

Jeff's birthday is this week and I am having fun preparing to celebrate his 30th with him. I usually make cards for him because he goes crazy over them, and I love that! This birthday I am doing a 80's theme for him, and he's a video game nut, so a Pac-Man card is perfect! 

I used my ipad that Jeff gave me for my 30th, to remember what the Pac-Man board looked like. I painted the 4th board of the game:)

I used watercolors to paint the card.

Front of the card.

Inside of the card. Yes, I am a cheeseball! :)

I will share more details of Jeff's 30th in upcoming posts! Stay tuned... xo Lizzie

Fun Facts
- Pac-Man was first released May 22,1980
- Pac-Man is 1 of only 3 video games on display at the Smithsonian.
- Ms. Pac-Man was an unauthorized sequel released in 1981
- The game was originally called Puck-Man until manufacturer Midway changed the game's name to Pac-Man.