Saturday, May 11, 2013

April Showers Brings JUNE Flowers; my bridal shower!

My mama and my aunts threw me an amazing bridal shower in Niagara Falls. The theme they chose was "April Showers". There were umbrellas, clouds and rain everywhere (it even rained that day!). I was really blown away by all they did for me, I felt like a princess!

The shower was held at Red Coach Inn in a room overlooking the rapids of Niagara Falls.

My mom made 4 of these rose covered balls by covering a styrofoam ball with roses that she made out of rolled tisse paper.

My flower girl checking out the cake.

Loved the roses in the rain boots! Cute!

Vintage umbrella cups filled with pink & gold m&ms mingled in with the other desserts on the dessert table.

 Guests were sent recipe cards with the invitation, to fill out with favorite recipes and bring to the shower to fill a pretty pink recipe card box.

Guests were given pretty pink umbrellas...

Kate Spade shower gel and....

a lip gloss as favors.

We played bridal shower bingo using heart shaped candies as bingo markers.

This was a money tree... I had to answer questions about JT. For every question I got right I could cut money off of the tree. The questions were really hard but it was a really funny game!

They game me a pink & gold Lilly Pulitzer wallet to put my money tree winnings in!

Vintage brooch my mama wore at the party.

They even decorated the bathroom!

I gave my mom and my aunts April Shower candles from Yankee Candle to thank them for throwing me my gorgeous shower.

The ribbon bouquet.

JT... the groom :)

Just a few weeks to go... so exciting!

xo Lizzie