Friday, December 9, 2016

Home Alone Party

Last weekend my husband and I had our family over for a family movie night to watch Home Alone. It was my mother-in-law's birthday so we decided to make it a little more special with lots of yummy things!

A Home Alone party is so easy... our house was already decorated for Christmas! I just needed to add a few simple things to play up the theme.

We started with the menu... we went with what is mentioned in the movie. Cheese Pizza, macaroni and cheese and Pepsi.

This was the invite we sent out:

I decided we should also have hot chocolate to make it more Christmasy and cozy. We made crock pot hot chocolate and had a toppings bar with drizzles, assorted marshmallows, candies and whipped cream.

 I purchased 2 Home Alone mugs to mix in with our Christmas plaid mugs.


I loved the idea of crock pot hot chocolate... but I didn't like the look of the pot on our table. So, I tied one of my scarves around it!
 Our DIY sugar cookie set up!

We needed cake... it was a birthday party after all! Cupcakes with Home Alone movie quotes fit the bill!
You can find these Home Alone cupcake toppers in the Elizabethdoodah shop!

It was a nice cozy night filled with family time and yummy treats!

xo Lizzie

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