Friday, October 14, 2011

Fall-ing For These Adorable Handmade Childrens' Halloween Costumes

I really enjoy Halloween the food, the decorating, the falling leaves...  but my favorite part is seeing the costumes children choose. This is strange because I myself, have never been into dressing up for Halloween. I think I was a black cat for most of my childhood Halloweens. 

Me (as She-Ra, The Princess of Power) & my mama carving a pumpkin. Yeah, I carve pumpkins in full costume ;)

Looking back at the few costumes I wore, I think my She-Ra costume is my favorite. My mom did good, using my ballet leotard and tights. We lived in Las Vegas, NV then and moved to Western New York a few years later. 

Halloween in NY requires you to be a bit more creative because its cold and you have to find ways to make your costume warm or cover your costume with a big puffy coat.

I saw some adorable Halloween costumes on Etsy and wanted to share! Click on the description to link to the costume's Etsy store.

Bumble Bee (cool parents will secretly be humming Blind Melon's No Rain in their heads)


There are too many adorable costumes on Etsy, I could do this all night! What are you dressing up as for Halloween?  xo Lizzie

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