Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Best Hot Chocolate & Homemade Marshmallows

If I love something I always am out to find the best version of it. Be it macarons, cupcakes or buffalo wings... I am constantly on the look out for the very best.

Hot chocolate with marshmallows is one of those things. Among those that I have tried in my search; Maribelle (too dark & too rich & very very bitter), Williams-Sonoma (not rich enough!), and Godiva (surprisingly not the super chocolaty taste I crave).

From my search I have found 2 favorites. Jacques Torres Hot Chocolate is my very favorite, but I have to buy the fresh at one of his shops in Manhattan. I have had the privilege of meeting him on several occassions and admittedly I have bit of a crush on him. I heard his French accent and melted a bit. Then his scrolling romantic handwriting impressed me and I told him this. He replied with "You should see what I do with ze chocolate..." and winked at me. The man wasn't kidding, his hot chocolate is awesome and so sinfully thick. My holiday isn't complete without a stop to a Jacques Torres shop for hot chocolate!

My second favorite is my favorite make-at-home hot chocolate... Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa Sinful Hot Chocolate Mix. Ina's version of hot chocolate has just a touch of espresso which seems to balance the flavor perfectly.

Handcrafted marshmallows are a big trend in stores right now, but they are so expensive! Totally unnessary- they are so easy to make! I use Alton Brown's recipe and I cut them large. They are the perfect finishing touch to a great cup of hot cocoa.

I am going to go curl up on the big chair in our living room with my hot chocolate. Weekends are my favorite! xo Lizzie

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