Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pie Pie Me Oh My Martini

An apple pie martini :)

I was working my night away making apple pies with all of the apples we picked last weekend and I got thirsty and thought to myself "I wish I could drink pie!". We had cider in the fridge and extra pie dough to use up... soooo... this happened....

The lattice top turned out like a flaky buttery cookie because I brushed it with milk and then sprinkled it very heavily with cinnamon and sugar before baking it. It was nice to take bites of the pie crust cookie between sips.

I simmered the apple cider (about 4 cups) on a very low heat with a dash of nutmeg and 1 stick of cinnamon for 10 minutes. I let it cool completely before using the spiced cider to make my cocktail. I poured about 10 ounces of the spiced cider into a shaker filled with ice and added 2 shots of vanilla vodka. Shook and then poured though a strainer into my glass. Topped it with my pie crust cookie :)

If you didn't want to take the extra time to spice your cider and wait for it to cool, you could omit that and omit 1 shot of vodka and add a shot of Goldschl├Ąger Cinnamon Schnapps to spice it up instead.


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