Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hoop Dreams

It's hard to believe our wedding was almost a year ago. Everyone always says how fast the day goes, and I believed them, but oh my goodness did that day fly by! I am holding tight to many of the memories from that day but the farther we get from that wonderful day in June 2013, the little memories seem to fade. Thankfully the incredible memory of feeling so very loved, does not.

I decided I would share a few parts of my wedding. First I want to share the embroidery hoops made by Danielle of Merriweather Council and our seating chart. 

Our seating chart was made from 2 old windows that JT hung from the side of the tent. I used a metallic sharpie to write the names of our guests and drew some pictures that went along with their table numbers.

Our groomsmen checking out the seating chart.

I decided early on that I wanted the table "numbers" to be places that JT & I had visited. So once a month I would send Danielle 3 or 4 places and she would make the hoops. She did such an amazing job that I decided I wanted to use hoops in other places in our wedding.

Our card box was a glass terrarium, we had a vintage pillow in the bottom and propped up 3 hoops in the back that spelled "E & J".

I also asked her to make hoops to hang over our amazing dessert table. 1 with our names, we hung that directly over our cake. And then 2 with quotes from Jane Austin novels. "Ardently I love you" and "my heart is and always will be yours".

I also used 2 pendants that Danielle made on our champagne flutes.

Everything that Danielle made was absolutely gorgeous and we are planning on using the hoops in our home as decor. I have a few ideas of how I want to display them. I'll share once they are hung.

Go check check out Merriweather Council!
xo Lizzie

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