Monday, January 26, 2015

Cake Pops for Valentine's Day

I have wanted to try making cake pops for awhile now... but it seemed a little intimidating. I decided for my first attempt at making them... I would try a kit. I found this one from Sweet Lauren Cakes and it had everything ready to go, you just have to add the wet ingredients! 

They turned out great... still a lot of work... but they turned out great! It would have been even more work if I had to pull the ingredients together and find all of the supplies (sticks, cello bags, ribbon, ect).

The kit has everything you need to make super cute cake pops... you just need to add the wet ingredients.

Adorable sprinkles!

After you bake the cake  you break it apart into crumbs (seems so wrong, but it's fun to destroy the cake).

You then add the icing to the crumbs, mix it up and form it into cake balls. just like making meat balls, only way less disgusting.

I had wondered how they got the cake balls to stay on the stick... turns out you dip the stick in the melted chocolate, then stick it into the cake and let it harden before you dip the entire cake pop in.

The kit comes with cello bags and pre-cut ribbon so that you can package your sweet masterpieces! Perfect for passing out to your Valentines!

xo Lizzie

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