Saturday, March 14, 2015


My husband and I used to hit up Crumbs Bake Shop when we lived in Hoboken. We always went there at like 10pm on our way home from our adventures in the city. It was a nice way to cap off a good day. A cupcake and cold milk. Their cupcakes are very good but I think I like them more because of these memories. I saw this cupcake kit at Target this past weekend and decided we needed it. They had several varieties, my husband loves peanut butter so I brought the Peanut Butter Cup one home.

The kit does not include everything you need to make the cupcakes. You have to add your own butter, eggs, peanut butter and peanut butter cups.

They do include the Crumbs Bake Shop cupcake liners though!

Crumbs always gets the frosting to cake ratio perfect... and by that I mean that they understand that the cake is merely a vehicle for the frosting (lots and lots of frosting). And this kit also makes A LOT of frosting :)

These cupcakes are sweet... very very sweet!
Make sure you have lots of milk!
xo Lizzie 

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