Thursday, May 28, 2015


I fell head over heels for the first car I ever bought. He was an adorable limited edition 2003 Chromaflare GLX VW Beetle in Cyan/Purple. Yeah that's right... he was a color changing Beetle! He looked different depending on the light or the angle you looked at him.... Turbie was beautiful!

My Turbie parked in the Meadowlands near Metlife stadium.

I named my car Turbie because he was a turbo Herbie. I loved my Turbie but sadly it was time for me to part ways for something more reliable. I never ever would have thought I would have been so attached to a car, but I really was.

I think that it is pretty common to be attached to your first car. My car stood out, so everyone saw it. When I sold it and started driving my new car, every one asked me where my car was and I sadly told them I decided to get a new car. And that would spark whoever was talking to me to tell me about their first car and they would light up when they talked. Usually the stories had the same theme, their first car wasn't practical because it was a two door or because it was an extreme gas guzzler but everyone had memories of their first car just being so much fun.

I have a new more practical car now and I do love it but my first love will always be my Turbie.

Thanks for the memories Turbie!
xo Lizzie

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