Sunday, October 23, 2016

DIY Sweet Pineapple Baby Halloween Costume

I made a quick and easy pineapple costume for my babe and just thought I would share it!

Supplies needed:

1 Bright Yellow Onesie
White 3/8 Inch Ribbon
White Puffy Paint
1 Piece Light Green Cardstock/Construction Paper
1 Piece Dark Green Cardstock/Construction Paper
3/4 Inch Elastic
Hot Glue Gun

 For the pineapple crown I just cut leaves from the green construction paper and glued them to the elastic.

For the pineapple bodysuit, I hot glued strips of ribbon diagonally starting at the shoulders. 

Then I drew in the "v's" with puffy paint in each diamond.

It took me an hour from start to finish (not counting the puffy paint drying time)!

This Halloween we will be partying like pineapples!
xo Lizzie

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