Monday, July 31, 2017

Puppy Turns 12

When I was pregnant with my son and decorating his nursery, I had wanted to put a framed photo of our dog, Samardzija in there somewhere. For whatever reason, I forgot about it and never put a photo of her in his room. When their birthday rolled around this year (yes, they both have the same birthday!) I remembered and thought it would be great to get a photo of them in the nursery having a little birthday party.

My husband made the neon 12 for me with his 3D printer. And I bought a plain white cake at Wegmans and decorated it myself with some colorful sprinkles.

The sweetest babes ever.

Two bites, and the cake was gone! Then she licked the plate for 10 minutes.

Happy Birthday to my sweet Smardzija! I love you!
xo Lizzie

Dog Collar & Party Hat: Oh Joy! for Target
Party Zebra: Oh Joy! for Target
Cake: Wegmans
Plate: Fiestaware
Table & Chair Set: Vintage

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