Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Pumpkin Painting

My son Jude is a year old. He knows what a pumpkin is and even knows the stem is called a stem. He gets pretty excited about them! I think that maybe it is because they look like a ball or a balloon and he can beat on it like drum (he's been banging on all of our pumpkins in the house). But whatever the case, he's very into pumpkins! 

He's done sensory activities and a few have involved painting. So I knew he could handle painting his own pumpkin this year. 

I made vinyl letters to spell out his name and stuck them to the pumpkin. After he covered the pumpkin in paint, I removed them  so that the orange of the pumpkin would show through!

I pre-dipped every brush in a different paint color, so that he could just grab them and get to work! 

He had so much fun!!!

His finished masterpiece! 
I love it!!!

Happy Halloween!

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