Thursday, June 30, 2011

diy: fun flirty summer nails

easy, fun ways to get creative with your nails this summer

during the summer months i like to get more playful with my nail polish. i don't do the store bought decals, rhinestones, or gemstones though, those just aren't for me. i have never been one to shy away from dyi projects, so i decided to google fun nail style ideas. there are a lot of talented ladies out there that have posted their own how-to's. these 3 were my favorites (click the links for step by step instructions):

mermaid nails - by cupcakes & cashmere 

newspaper nails - as posted to wikihow

lace nails - by behind the seams

i'm inspired, i think i might try doing my nails in a pastel rainbow tonight! :)

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