Monday, June 13, 2011


pearl, june's classy "birthstone"

pearls are classic and timeless. whether fresh water or salt water, both are beautiful! Fresh water pearls come from mussels that are found in both hot and cold climates. most freshwater pearls today come from China. Saltwater pearls come from oysters and are mostly cultivated in protected lagoons.

although pearls are not worn as often by today's younger generations, many style icons have cemented pearls place in fashion forward history.

Coco Chanel - the French  fashion pioneer, she put women in pants (thank you!) and was known to favor pearls.

Grace Kelly - American Actress and Princess Consort of Monaco.

Jackie Kennedy - elegant, stylish and the most regal woman the US has known.

Princess Diana - Lady Di, The People's Princess. Diana found her own style while at Buckingham and blossomed into a style icon who captured the world's attention . Pearls were one of her go-to accessories.

Michelle Obama - perhaps the current first lady is taking a cue from Jackie O, but with a modern twist of her own.

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