Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bob Dylan's Forever Young; A Sweet Book For Children

I shared with you the gift I brought to my friend's baby shower yesterday. Today I want to share the "card".

The mom-to-be asked that everyone write something inside of a book instead of a traditional card. I thought this was a sweet, fun idea!

I didn't want to pick a book that someone else might pick (like Goodnight Moon). I came across this book that had Bob Dylan's lyrics to Forever Young set to really great illustrations.

Forever Young is one of Dylan's greatest songs, inspired by the birth of his child. I think it's the perfect example of how children bring out the best in people. The lyrics are timeless, inspiring, and heartfelt.

The father-to-be graduated from NYU grad school recently and in a happy coincidence there is a NYU pennant pictured in the book. Horray for details!

It was fun to shop for a baby! xo Lizzie

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