Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baby Blocks; A Baby Shower Gift With No Wrapping Paper

I was sent an invitation to a baby shower that instructed me not to wrap the gift I was bringing. It's called a "Display Shower". Many people are going the no gift wrap route these days. One reason is to be green and save waste and the second reason is to save time and give the mom-to-be more time to spend with her guests.

I am on the fence about this trend. It does make sense but I felt funny just walking into the part and presenting my in a crinkled shopping bag.

So I couldn't wrap my gift... but what if my gift was the wrap? Challenge accepted!

The mom-to-be registered at Pottery Barn Kids and one look at the registry and the crib sheets jumped out at me! I had my no-wrap gift idea!

Baby blocks!

The Pottery Barn Kids sheets she registered for (dottie, penelope, & coco dot).

I bought three 12x12x12 cardboard boxes from The Container Store for my "blocks".

I put a few little things in the boxes (paper pom poms (the mama asked for them), Burt's Baby Bee products (I like all of their stuff),  a pair of Ruffle Butts, and custom pj's from Personal Creations). But the real gift was the sheets!

I printed letters out, cut them out, and then painted them in colors to match the Coco Dot sheet.

I used one of the aqua paper pom poms as a bow for the top of the gift and tied the whole thing together with ribbon so it was easy to transport to the party. I also cut out a piece of 12x12 card board for the bottom so that the sheet on the bottom block wouldn't touch the ground when placed on the floor.

Who would have thought my brief military career would come in handy putting this together... I made boot camp hospital corners when wrapping the boxes! 

Ok so maybe I went a little overboard on this one (the gift is now over 3 feet tall)... but I didn't use any wrapping paper! ;)
xo Lizzie

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  1. how did you manage to wrap the boxes with fitted sheets so neatly?!? Any tips?