Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Take A Moment Tuesday; Lilly Pulitzer Post Card

I have a HUGE dislike for Tuesday, so I make an effort every week to do something to brighten my TuesdayAnd true to form, today was awful! So I took a few minutes to make it better. Here's how:

This is my Lilly Pulitzer calendar I have on my desk at work. Today is the last day of January so I slipped the card out of the easel and went to throw it away. Then I thought to myself "this is a really pretty print to just throw away".

All of the calendar cards are gorgeous (of course), about the size of a postcard and blank on the back. So I decided at the end of each month I would write my mama(who lives in Western NY) a quick note on the back of the card and send it as a postcard!

So I get to play with markers, relieve some stress, brighten my mama's day, and recycle? Yay! 

Happy Tuesday Y'all! xo Lizzie

Postage prices just increased on January 15th. The cost to send a larger postcard such as this is currently $0.45.

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