Thursday, January 12, 2012

Giftwhip: Virtual Gift Wrap

The very first time someone emailed me a gift card I had know idea what it was. The site my friend purchased it through just sent me an email that was very text heavy and didn't have any images. I had to read the email 3 times to realize that I had been sent a gift! Stores have gotten  much better at delivering virtual gift cards. They have amped up the color and graphics and made it much more clear that you are getting a gift!

Still there are those times when you live miles away from someone that you are sending a gift to and you might send them an email saying hey I sent you something for Valentine's Day, hope it gets there on time! Or if the item you were hoping to give is back ordered, you usually send a link saying that you did think of them and to expect the gift to arrive soon...

Well, that is what Giftwhip is perfect for!!! Giftwhip is virtual wrapping paper that will give your gift a fun,thoughtful touch.

The site is FREE, very very easy to use and even offers a selection of wrapping paper to choose from!
Currently they have Valentine's Day wrapping available!

You also pick what day & time you want your gift to be able to be opened and it posts a countdown clock to turn up the excitement and anticipation for your gift!

What will they think of next? xo Lizzie

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