Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Best Valentine's Day Gift I Ever Got...

February 2003, I was living in Cincinnati, Ohio. I got a call from my mama who lives in Lewiston, NY, she told me I had a Valentine's Day gift waiting for me at the downtown Cincinnati Williams-Sonoma store. I got excited and during my drive to the store I wondered what it was. I thought maybe it was some fun cookie cutters to play with, maybe colorful sprinkles or a great cake plate. I walked into the store and the lady that worked there got so excited about giving me my gift, and she went on and on about how awesome & funny my mom was on the phone. She brought out this HUGE box wrapped in Williams-Sonoma wrapping paper and handed it to me. It startled me how heavy the gift was! It definitely was not cookie cutters! 

I got home and ripped the paper off my gift to find a KitchenAid mixer... A PINK ONE! I was ecstatic- it was amazing! It was on that day that I finally understood why men get so freaking excited over power tools! I love my mixer, and I love my mom! Best. Valentine's Day. Gift. Ever.

I broke out the mixer today to whip up some strawberry cupcakes and remembered the day I got it and wanted to share... 

My mixer makes awesome cupcakes... it makes awesome everything actually! xo Lizzie

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