Friday, April 20, 2012

Introducing doo-dah dog!

I have had many readers ask me about my Samardzija puppy. She is definitely more popular than me, and I totally get it. She's gorgeous. I get many emails telling me I need to show more photos of her as well as lots of compliments telling me she is the cutest. Because of these emails I have created a label for all posts that have Samardzija in them. Just click "Samardzija Puppy" on the right hand side!

This positive feedback also gave me inspiration to take a few of my favorite photos of her and turn them into greeting cards. I am hoping that the puppy that makes me happy everyday can also bring some happiness to others. Here is the first of the doo-dah dog cards...

To purchase a doo-dah dog card, visit my shop!

xo, Lizzie

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