Monday, April 2, 2012

I Mustache You A Question; Will you be my groomsman?

After seeing what I did for my bridesmaids, my  fiancé decided he wanted to do something similar to ask his friends to be in our wedding. I brainstormed a few ideas, asked him what he thought and he decided he liked my mustache idea best. 

Will you be my groomsman gift: personalized mustache flask, Oreo pops and mustache candies.

Jeff helped me, and definitely had a lot of input on how how he wanted the cards I made to look. He even found envelopes that looked like they had a mustache cutout at the edge and he picked out the hole punch for edging the cards.

The flasks were made by an Etsy seller. They had several styles of facial hair to pick from and Jeff looked at the options and picked out mustache shapes that matched the personalities of each of the guys. Every guy got a different mustache on their flask!

I added chocolate covered Oreo pops, one with a mustache and the other with "Suit up!" written out on it. I found a tin of old fashion mustache candies to include too.

I found boxes that wouldn't be too big for the gift. This is really important, you do not want to use a box bigger than what you need. A bigger box makes the gift look smaller and allows it to move around when it's shipped. I  lined each box with black tissue paper and filled the extra spaces in the boxes with black shred. The black shred looked like mustaches too!
I was stacking the boxes ready to go out and counting them like The Count from Sesame Street.

I am really happy with how the gifts turned out. I think they actually turned out better than what I made for my bridesmaids... go figure! My toughest client, Jeff, was also very happy with how they turned out! xo Lizzie

Want to re-create this for your bridal party? Here's a list of the vendors with links:

Mustache Cards created by me and available in my etsy store ElizabethDooDah
Mustache Flasks from etsy store Hair Of The Dog
Mustache Candies from Jack's Country Store
Oreo Pops from etsy store Sweet Millie's 
Black Shred for filler from etsy store PA Boutique
Tuck Top Box from Box City

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