Monday, November 5, 2012

Bubble Delicious Infused Vodka

I have bought so many flavored vodkas... they are taking over our bar! I had a cocktail idea in mind but it needs bubblegum flavored vodka and much to my surprise .. I do not have bubblegum flavored vodka! Normally I would run out and buy it but bubblegum is a flavor that I don't think I want a lot of! I think it's a once in a great while flavor. So I decided to make my own bubble gum infused vodka today.

You will need; bubble gum, vodka, and a mason jar. That's it! 

I used Bubblicious bubble gum.

I cut the bubblegum pieces in half to allow for more surface area to be exposed to the vodka. 

Put the bubblegum in the jar.

Then poured in the vodka.

It will be ready to use in a week!

xo Lizzie


  1. just wondering how did this turn out

    1. Hi Vicki! It turned out awesome! I used it to make this drink: