Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Take A Moment Tuesday; Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! Loving the card my fiance made for me. Handmade cards are the bestest and so is he!

Our engagement party is this weekend. I wanted to add some sparkle to my outfit I plan to wear. I found these pieces from one of my favorite shops, ban.do.

Blinged out headband!

Sequin heart shoe clips!

Happy Valentine's Day! 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Chocolaty Cocktail For Valentine's Day

I was sipping on this Heart Shaped Box of Chocolates Martini last night. Chocolate is a weakness of mine!

I skewered a dome shaped chocolate upside down on the bottom (as my anchor) and then put 2 chocolate hearts on the top.

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur makes it yum!

Cheers! xo Lizzie

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Anniversary Macarons And A Vintage Postcard

JT and I are celebrating our 4th anniversary this weekend... 

I much prefer a box of macarons over a box of chocolates!


Vintage Niagara Falls Postcard, for JT.

I can't believe it's been 4 years, I feel like it was just yesterday that I met him! 
xo Lizzie

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bob Dylan's Forever Young; A Sweet Book For Children

I shared with you the gift I brought to my friend's baby shower yesterday. Today I want to share the "card".

The mom-to-be asked that everyone write something inside of a book instead of a traditional card. I thought this was a sweet, fun idea!

I didn't want to pick a book that someone else might pick (like Goodnight Moon). I came across this book that had Bob Dylan's lyrics to Forever Young set to really great illustrations.

Forever Young is one of Dylan's greatest songs, inspired by the birth of his child. I think it's the perfect example of how children bring out the best in people. The lyrics are timeless, inspiring, and heartfelt.

The father-to-be graduated from NYU grad school recently and in a happy coincidence there is a NYU pennant pictured in the book. Horray for details!

It was fun to shop for a baby! xo Lizzie

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Baby Blocks; A Baby Shower Gift With No Wrapping Paper

I was sent an invitation to a baby shower that instructed me not to wrap the gift I was bringing. It's called a "Display Shower". Many people are going the no gift wrap route these days. One reason is to be green and save waste and the second reason is to save time and give the mom-to-be more time to spend with her guests.

I am on the fence about this trend. It does make sense but I felt funny just walking into the part and presenting my in a crinkled shopping bag.

So I couldn't wrap my gift... but what if my gift was the wrap? Challenge accepted!

The mom-to-be registered at Pottery Barn Kids and one look at the registry and the crib sheets jumped out at me! I had my no-wrap gift idea!

Baby blocks!

The Pottery Barn Kids sheets she registered for (dottie, penelope, & coco dot).

I bought three 12x12x12 cardboard boxes from The Container Store for my "blocks".

I put a few little things in the boxes (paper pom poms (the mama asked for them), Burt's Baby Bee products (I like all of their stuff),  a pair of Ruffle Butts, and custom pj's from Personal Creations). But the real gift was the sheets!

I printed letters out, cut them out, and then painted them in colors to match the Coco Dot sheet.

I used one of the aqua paper pom poms as a bow for the top of the gift and tied the whole thing together with ribbon so it was easy to transport to the party. I also cut out a piece of 12x12 card board for the bottom so that the sheet on the bottom block wouldn't touch the ground when placed on the floor.

Who would have thought my brief military career would come in handy putting this together... I made boot camp hospital corners when wrapping the boxes! 

Ok so maybe I went a little overboard on this one (the gift is now over 3 feet tall)... but I didn't use any wrapping paper! ;)
xo Lizzie