Saturday, June 15, 2013

My Favorite Wedding Moments

Our wedding was a week ago today. I wanted to write down some favorite memories while they are still fresh.

My Top 5 Wedding Moments

5. Dancing with my Mama to (I've Had) the Time of My Life at the end of the night.

4. Standing at the edge of the lake alone with JT looking back at the long stretch of tents glowing and music bumping and saying "Can you believe all of that is for us?!"

3. After a cloudy misty foggy afternoon the sun came out just as JT and I were saying our vows.

2. Going to a little local bar across the street from our venue late that night, just the 2 of us, having a beer and him buying me a bar t-shirt. We didn't want the night to end and it was nice being alone and excitedly comparing stories from the days events (and getting a few curious looks from the locals).

and my most favorite memory...

1. Making the floral arrangements with my Mom, my Aunt Connie, Uncle Danny and my Groom. I loved that my family came together to make so many things happen for our big day, it made everything so special. My Aunt Connie said she would grow some peonies for our wedding... that was an understatement! We had sooo many peonies thanks to her! The dining room/kitchen area of the lake house my mom rented looked like a florist shop. There were flowers everywhere! My groom who had never arranged flowers in his life was suddenly an expert and was making great arrangements. We  all talked while we made floral arrangements late into the night and there were a few times that we started singing songs together. It was a really great night :)

 My groom making an arrangement. This one came home with me :)

Peonies grown by my Aunt Connie

The flowers turned out even better than I had imagined. I saved money and have a favorite memory. Win-win.

xo Mrs. T ;)

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  1. Wedding day is, indeed, the most memorable day in a woman's life. It's good to know that you have a blast before and during your wedding day. The flower arrangement really turned out beautifully. No wonder it became your favorite among others. Thanks to your sweet Aunt for growing peonies just for your wedding day. Cheers to that! Albert @