Saturday, June 22, 2013

Our Wedding Website

I loved our wedding website. The template we chose fit the look & feel of our wedding perfectly. I wanted to put the web address on our save the dates so our website was the first thing we put together for our wedding. 

I didn't want to use - I wanted to use a lesser known wedding website provider to maintain a little privacy. There is a password option if you wanted to go even further to keep it only accessible to your guests. We didn't use that feature though.

We used for our website, other good ones are and Jeff and I loved reading our guestbook entries on our site, we got a lot of really great feedback about our website and it kicked off the excitement for our wedding. The built in planning tools were really helpful too. We entered our wedding date and it had a checklist of everything we needed to do and the date we should have it done by. They would send us reminders when something was coming due.

After the wedding you can get a keepsake download or cd of your website, which we plan on doing. We had so many people write wonderful comments in our guestbook, those alone make buying the download worth it. And 10 years from now I am sure they will have come up with some new way of getting the info to guests, like a hologram- Something that will make what we did look so obsolete!

Over the course of 12 months from when our save the dates went out until our wedding day, we had around 900 visits to our website. I think our guests found it helpful and it also gave them a chance to know us a little better as a couple.

xo Lizzie

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