Monday, December 9, 2013

Nautical Baby Shower

My family threw a baby shower for my cousin Amy this past weekend at The Buffalo Boat Launch on Grand Island. It was gorgeous and so much work went into it- it needs to be seen! I only helped out with a few items, the rest of the credit for this beautiful shower goes to my Aunt Connie, Aunt Amy and my mama. They did an amazing job!

My Aunt made these boat favors and filled them with candy. They were also used for a nursery rhyme game- nursery rhyme's were read out loud at random and if yours was read you won a bigger prize.

I made these diaper raffle fish inserts, they were sent out with the invitations.

I also made these inserts asking guests to bring a book instead of a card.

I made the nautical baby bingo boards.

We used lifesaver candies for the bingo markers.

My Aunt made life preservers out of burlap fabric to frame childhood photos of the expecting couple.

My Aunt ordered a plain white cake so that she could decorate it her self with this sail boat and turtles.

It was a fabulous party! 
Congrats to Amy & Jeff!
I can't wait to meet baby Riley!
xo Lizzie

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  1. How did you make the inserts about the cards and the diapers?