Friday, December 20, 2013

Potato Stamp Holiday Gift Wrap

Last year I wrapped my gifts in reused shopping bags and decorated them with washi tape. This year I decided to reuse shopping bags again, but this time I carved potatoes into Christmas shapes and used them to stamp the brown paper bags.

Making potato stamps is something my high school art teacher taught me. She had a print making project she wanted to do with our class but the linoleum that is used to carve for stamps was too expensive to buy for the entire class- potatoes fit her budget! People have been using potatoes to make stamps for a long time :)

A lot of the stores I shop at (Trader Joe's, Sur La Table, Whole Foods ect.) use brown paper bags and I save them all year so I have enough come wrapping time! 

The candy cane potato stamp I made was my favorite.

Trees... I sprinkled some of them with glitter before they dried to make them sparkle.

To make a snowman I dipped a wine cork in paint and used it as a stamp.

Preppy little bows.

I glued pom poms to some packages. This one looks very Dr. Seuss, making it my favorite this year.

The glitter I sprinkled on the trees, made them look like they were covered in sparkling snow :)

I'm done shopping and done wrapping... time to kick back and enjoy this wonderful season!
xo Lizzie

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