Saturday, April 12, 2014

Oh Deer, Tony is 60!

Last weekend we celebrated a huge birthday! Tony is an avid hunter and we have an inside joke about taking a deer to the casino - that's where the theme came from. I decided to make everything seem more special I would mix gold in with the camouflage. When I was done with everything I thought all my party really needed was the men of Duck Dynasty in their camouflage tuxes to show up!

Levi celebrating his Poppa's birthday - he's worried he won't get any cake.

Samardzija Puppy partying it up!

I made both the gold candle holder and the birthday banner cake topper. I love the shadow on the wall! :)

The awesome camouflage cake was made by The Village Bake Shoppe.

Yes... camouflage forks! (you can buy them here)

Gold deer paper drink straws.

I found camo paper straws... had to have them. (you can find them here)

I made the gold deer cocktail stir sticks!

To make the gold deer candle holder (and the gold deer cocktail stir sticks), all I did was take a $2.00 kids toy and spray paint the deer gold and then drill a hole in it.

xo Lizzie

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