Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Holiday Gifts Under $25

A few things that I bought for others and a few that I am asking for myself. All under $25.00!

image courtesy of Anthropologie

Beautiful embroidered books at Anthropologie. Emma is one of my favorite books! $16.00

image courtesy of MoMa

Half Pint Creamer from MoMa Store. $15.00 

Fill this mini cake stand with treats for an extra sweet gift. Domed cake stand  from Macy's. $19.99

photo courtesy of Pottery Barn

MLB Etched Glassware from Pottery Barn. $24.00

Fat Witch brownies - YUMMMM! No need to buy the "gift" packages they offer. I had 4 brownies sent to a friend in their favorite flavor. They were sent individually wrapped, placed in a cello bag and ribboned. They include a gift card too! $10.00

Hot chocolate seems to be a popular gift to give. If you are giving hot chocolate, this is the one to give (it's the best)! $11.00

Essie Winter 2011 Mini Color Cube. $11.00

Create a custom Iphone cover or give them a gift certificate to create their own at Gelaskins$20.00

Happy gift giving! xo Lizzie

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