Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle... Make Bows!

1. Choose a page and cut it into 9 strips - 3/4 in width

2. Then cut 3 of the strips to 9in length, 3 strips to 8in length, 2 strips to 7in length, and 1 strip 3in length.

3. Assemble the strips into loops using 2 way tape.

4. Layer the loops, starting with the largest. Use 2 way tape to hold them together.

Repeat? Ok...

Pick a page and cut the strips to size.

Make the strips into loops.

Layer the loops largest to smallest using 2 way tape.

It was fun to see what parts of the picture ended up showing. I found that pages saturated with color on one side and nothing but text on the other side made the coolest bows. I think these bows are way better than store bought bows! xo Lizzie

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