Thursday, December 6, 2012

Baby, It's Chili Outside!

It was warm here for a few days, the temperature went over 60 degrees. And today the cold returned. Having warm weather for a few days made the cold feel much colder than it really was. Nothing like a hot bowl of chili to warm you up. Making chili seems to make the whole house feel more cozy.

JT made me his awesome chili- it's his own recipe. And I got in the way as best as I could, taking photos and asking if it was ready every other minute- because it made our house smell amazing!

JT's knife skills.

The ipad has become one of my favorite items for the kitchen.  Stood up in it's stand, I use it to display my recipe while I am working.

Steak meat for our chili.

wow! Yeah, my guy makes a mean bowl of chili!

We have lots left over, because we made a huge pot. That means we can go without cooking for a few days- bonus!
Stay warm!
xo Lizzie

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