Saturday, December 1, 2012

Stocking Stuffers 2012 Edition

pink elephant stocking from etsy shop UrbanCreative

My Christmas stocking is always my favorite thing to open Christmas morning. It's also a lot of fun to fill a stocking for someone else. I am on the hunt to find gifts for stockings again this year.

Melting snowman! You build him and then you can watch him melt... and then you can build him and watch him melt... 

kate spade bobby pins that look like matches in a match box! Cute!

Sonic Travel Toothbrush (love the stripes!)

Survival Kit in a Water Bottle Cabela's makes a few styles of this kit; Camper, Hunter, and Ulitimate.

Lilly Pulitzer Fireplace Matches These are pink tipped, long fireplace matches.

Whiskey Stones keeps drinks cool without watering them down.

Notre Dame Grilling Spatuala with Bottle Opener something special he can brag about the next time he's tailgating with his friends.

Bacon Peanut Brittle - this is YUM!

Gummy Tummies from Trader Joe's... I love these! 

You can also check out last year's list if you need more ideas.
Happy holiday shopping!
xo Lizzie

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