Sunday, December 2, 2012

Christmas is for puppies too...

I admit it, I spoil my dog. Samardzija, my Siberian Husky is my princess and an important part of our family. Her Christmas gift this year is a stuffed animal from F.A.O Schwartz. Yeah I am that kind of dog owner. She brings so much joy, happiness and energy to our lives... I try to repay her in cookies and toys.

She is very aware that Christmas is coming. That is because we have a dog advent calendar. She loves it! Before we give her a treat from it we say "Samardzija, Christmas is coming!" and she runs over to the advent calendar, sits and waits for her cookie. When you pull the cookie out of the little drawer she can't contain her excitement and jumps up and does a bunch of spins. I think I love watching her excitement more than she she likes getting her cookie! It's adorable!

I touched the advent calendar to take this picture and she was very concerned about what I was doing to her calendar!

Each day has a little drawer with a different breed of dog on it. You give the treat to your dog, and turn the drawer around. And turning the drawers pieces together a picture!

Once all the drawers are turned it makes this cute picture of dogs decorating a Christmas tree :)

My dog, Samardzija and my mom's boxer Levi, guarding the Christmas gifts. I think they thought the presents were all for them!

Samardzija Puppy is excited for the holidays!
And so am I!
xo Lizzie 

ps... if you can't get enough of my Samardzija Puppy click here and it will link you to more posts with her in them! She is awesome!

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