Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Take A Moment Tuesday; Lilly Pulitzer Post Card

I have a HUGE dislike for Tuesday, so I make an effort every week to do something to brighten my TuesdayAnd true to form, today was awful! So I took a few minutes to make it better. Here's how:

This is my Lilly Pulitzer calendar I have on my desk at work. Today is the last day of January so I slipped the card out of the easel and went to throw it away. Then I thought to myself "this is a really pretty print to just throw away".

All of the calendar cards are gorgeous (of course), about the size of a postcard and blank on the back. So I decided at the end of each month I would write my mama(who lives in Western NY) a quick note on the back of the card and send it as a postcard!

So I get to play with markers, relieve some stress, brighten my mama's day, and recycle? Yay! 

Happy Tuesday Y'all! xo Lizzie

Postage prices just increased on January 15th. The cost to send a larger postcard such as this is currently $0.45.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Best Valentine's Day Gift I Ever Got...

February 2003, I was living in Cincinnati, Ohio. I got a call from my mama who lives in Lewiston, NY, she told me I had a Valentine's Day gift waiting for me at the downtown Cincinnati Williams-Sonoma store. I got excited and during my drive to the store I wondered what it was. I thought maybe it was some fun cookie cutters to play with, maybe colorful sprinkles or a great cake plate. I walked into the store and the lady that worked there got so excited about giving me my gift, and she went on and on about how awesome & funny my mom was on the phone. She brought out this HUGE box wrapped in Williams-Sonoma wrapping paper and handed it to me. It startled me how heavy the gift was! It definitely was not cookie cutters! 

I got home and ripped the paper off my gift to find a KitchenAid mixer... A PINK ONE! I was ecstatic- it was amazing! It was on that day that I finally understood why men get so freaking excited over power tools! I love my mixer, and I love my mom! Best. Valentine's Day. Gift. Ever.

I broke out the mixer today to whip up some strawberry cupcakes and remembered the day I got it and wanted to share... 

My mixer makes awesome cupcakes... it makes awesome everything actually! xo Lizzie

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Pretty Woman; A Champagne With Strawberries Cocktail

Jeff and I are enjoying this cocktail to celebrate our 4th anniversary together. I named it Pretty Woman because strawberries and champagne remind me of the movie Pretty Woman with Julia Roberts and it is an awfully pretty drink!

This cocktail has just three ingredients; strawberry brandy, vodka, and champagne!

My local liquor store didn't have strawberry brandy so I made my own!

I rimmed the glass with pink edible glitter hearts.

"  I appreciate this whole seduction thing you've got going on here, but let me give you a tip: I'm a sure thing!" Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman.

Cheers to JT & EL! xo Lizzie

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Take A Moment Tuesday; 3 Happy Things

Jeff and I have been together almost four years now. Our anniversary is in a few weeks so I bought myself an early anniversary gift, which arrived today (hooray for Tuesday!). It's an adorable iPhone cover personalized with our initials. I guess it could also be an early Valentine's Day present to myself...

I bought it from Plum Street Prints. You can choose your own colors! I am on a pink & aqua kick so I went that route.

It was time to take off our holiday sheets in our bedroom which depressed me terribly. My mom gave me these fun embroidered Paris pillowcases so I used them and they made me a little bit happier about the peppermint bedding being gone! Thanks mama!

And lastly... Pink tulips! 

After asking Jeff's sister to be my bridesmaid she brought me tulips! Very sweet! (puppy likes them too!)

Tuesday isn't half bad! xo Lizzie

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

For the past few months I have been asked over and over who I am having in my bridal party. I  felt rather hesitant to answer. I wanted to ask them before putting them on the spot telling by everyone before they even had a chance to give an honest answer. Not everyone wants to be a bridesmaid... gasp!... there's the cookie cutter dresses, the time commitment, being front and center and it's awfully expensive these days to be a bridesmaid!

So I asked first... and they said yes! So I can share how I asked with you now!

I wanted a more creative and special way of asking my friends to be in my wedding (since I only get to do this once!). I thought sending them each a dress hanger with their name from my doo-dah! shop my be a nice way to do it. I also handmade dress cards,the inside of each card read, "Will you be my bridesmaid?".

Making the cards was a blast! I had so much fun designing a different dress for the front of each of the cards and playing with ribbon, satin, lace and buttons!

Inside of each card I wrote a personalized message telling them why I hoped they would would be in my wedding.

My bridal party; Frannie, Laura, Jenn, Leah, Allison, & Ester!

I used the Martha Stewart Deep Edge Floral Vine Punch to create a lacy edge for the insert of the card.

So excited to share this exciting time with these ladies! And I promise... NO UGLY DRESSES! xo Lizzie ;)

ps... Looking for a fun way to ask the groomsmen? Check out what we did for them, here!

And to see what we did for our adorable flower girl click here!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Giftwhip: Virtual Gift Wrap

The very first time someone emailed me a gift card I had know idea what it was. The site my friend purchased it through just sent me an email that was very text heavy and didn't have any images. I had to read the email 3 times to realize that I had been sent a gift! Stores have gotten  much better at delivering virtual gift cards. They have amped up the color and graphics and made it much more clear that you are getting a gift!

Still there are those times when you live miles away from someone that you are sending a gift to and you might send them an email saying hey I sent you something for Valentine's Day, hope it gets there on time! Or if the item you were hoping to give is back ordered, you usually send a link saying that you did think of them and to expect the gift to arrive soon...

Well, that is what Giftwhip is perfect for!!! Giftwhip is virtual wrapping paper that will give your gift a fun,thoughtful touch.

The site is FREE, very very easy to use and even offers a selection of wrapping paper to choose from!
Currently they have Valentine's Day wrapping available!

You also pick what day & time you want your gift to be able to be opened and it posts a countdown clock to turn up the excitement and anticipation for your gift!

What will they think of next? xo Lizzie

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I love Pinterest! I have been using it to organize my ideas for my wedding. It's also allowed for me to easily share these ideas with my mom who lives 7 hours away from me. It's an awesome tool!

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