Thursday, September 6, 2012


Summer has been super jam packed with events, wedding tasks and work. Things have slowed down considerably for me now that the weather is cooling off. Perfect time for me to catch up on things I have put off. 

First up... (a long over due)HELLO  to the new people that have found my tiny little blog! I know many many people are finding me because of the Wedding Chicks post, so I wanted to say welcome and thanks for checking me out!

I woke up one morning, signed on to Facebook, and there was my groomsman mustache gift posted by Wedding Chicks. I was jumping up and down!I love the Wedding Chicks blog (I am quite obsessed with it) so seeing something that I made on their website... AWESOME SAUCE!

So... Welcome to all of those who have wandered over here because of the lovely Wedding Chicks!

My name is Elizabeth but my friends call me Lizzie. I am a creative workaholic and therefore always making or doing something. 

I am engaged (he put a ring on it in PARIS!) and trying to do as much DIY for my wedding as possible. I am waiting until after my wedding to share all of my projects and details of my wedding. Because of this my blog has gone a little silent. I am doing a lot but can't share any of it until after June 2013. But trust me, there will be many many details to share!

So until then I will be sharing my usual interests and pastimes. Day trips exploring NYC/NJ, adorable photos of my puppy, nail polish and baking. Oh! and I have a thing for fun cocktails... who doesn't?! 

Why is my blog named doo-dah!...

It's because of this little Mickey Mouse radio toy... 

I used to carry it with me everywhere when I was baby. It has a music box inside of it and it plays the song Camptown Races. So my grandfather nicknamed me doo-dah because of the lyrics of the song.

Thank you for coming over to read my blog! And thank you to the Wedding Chicks for sharing my groomsman gift with everyone! 
xo Lizzie

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