Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Wedding Party Blog; hey those are my hangers!

A lovely bride just purchased hangers for her bridal party and when she checked out she said she was so glad she saw my hangers on the Wedding Party Blog. I had never heard of this blog before but now I am obsessed! They have so many great ideas on their blog! Just what I needed MORE ideas. I am not going to have room for my guests at my wedding with all of the stuff I have made or bought!

Anyways,I had no idea my hangers were hanging out over at the Wedding Party Blog! It's an article about ways to ask your ladies to be in your wedding. You know, "Popping the Question" to your bridesmaids and I love all of the ideas! Maybe you can use one of their ideas to ask your bridal party... or maybe it will inspire your own awesome idea to ask in your own way. 

Please share how you asked, I would love to hear about it! Message me or comment below!

xo Lizzie


  1. I bought 5 bracelets from Forever XXI - all were pearly but there were all different! I mailed one to each girl and in the package was a homemade, self-addressed and stamped postcard asking them to "check yes or no" if they would like to be my bridesmaid!! It was inspired by those cheesy notes you'd pass in middle school!!

  2. Kara, I love that idea, so sweet! I have engaged friends who are teachers and they met in high school. I will have to suggest this to the bride! Thanks for sharing!