Monday, September 24, 2012

Kate Spade & Paperless Post

Introducing Kate Spade for Paperless Post 

Nothing beats finding a real paper invitation in your mailbox (rather than the usual bills and junk mail). But these days we are all so busy that we often do not plan a party until the week of and then there is no time mail an invitation out so we resort to email. Evite has been the only decent option for online invitations, until now.

Paperless Post is amazing! While it does not offer the same quantity of design options as Evite... the quality is much better than Evite! And now they offer designs by Kate Spade!

A few of the Kate Spade designs.

You can chose your font, your ink color, envelope color, even envelope liner. The Paperless Post virtual invitations even look textured, which I love! The look and feel is much more like receiving a real paper invitation.

These designs are not by Kate Spade... but still really cute for a Halloween party!

They have so many options for different events! Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Bridal showers, and Baby Showers. Just recently my bridesmaids started asking me about my bachelorette party so I checked out the bachelorette invitations options and I love them! I built one to try it out, and it was really fun. You can even send it to yourself to preview what your guests will see when they open it. 

I am glad Kate Spade partnered with Paperless Post, or I wouldn't have found their awesome online stationary! I have to come up with an excuse to party now to use these fun invites!
xo Lizzie

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