Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mommy's Cocktail Hour; Whoa. I've been podcasted!

Mommy's Cocktail Hour was sipping on my Magically Delicious Martini for one of their podcasts and gave me a little shout out (right at the beginning of the podcast)!

Click here for a link to the podcast! (please note that these mommys do occasionally use strong language so be advised)

Read the original post for this cocktail here.

The ladies at Mommy's Cocktail Hour couldn't get the marshmallows to stick to the glass on the show and I realize now that I didn't share how I did it in my original post. I used agave syrup very sparingly to get them to stick to the glass. If you use too much they won't stick, they will drip down the glass.

The Magically Delicious Martini that I made back in March has become very popular thanks to the pinners on Pinterest! I am not sure if I can ever recreate the magic of this cocktail. It seemed to have hit a nostalgic nerve meshing Lucky Charms super sugary kid cereal with an adult beverage.

Janice was the first of the many many many pinners to pin my Magically Delicious Martini!

xo Lizzie

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