Sunday, October 28, 2012

A "Reel" Date

JT and I spent yesterday in Astoria, a neighborhood in Queens, New York. We visited the Museum Of Moving Image... It was totally AWESOME! We had a private tour, presented to us by one of the museum educators. We learned a lot and had a lot of fun!

The museum is very well done. Many of the exhibits contain movie memorabilia donated from private collections. There are several interactive displays. My favorite was the voice over studio, where I got to voice over Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot. I was Sugar Kane! My voice coming out of Marilyn Monroe's body?! So fun!

JT & I made stop motion videos together. Check out one of our masterpieces below!

George Lucas is not a fan of people displaying stuff from his movies unless he makes money from it, but this Chewbacca mask was donated by the creator of the mask used in the movie, so he has no say :)

Mrs. Doubtfire mask used in the movie!

A costume from Men in Black

Vintage video games!

JT was allowed to play the very first video game ever made! They also had a bunch of other standing  vintage video game machines you could play. I played Mrs. Pac-Man!

We made a video flip book together! JT pretended he was King Kong and I pretended to be Anne Darrow. The book turned out really cute!

Me "acting" in our flip book!

There was an event going on at the museum to honor Jerry Nelson who died this year. He was one of the Muppeteers who worked with Jim Henson. Jerry Nelson's most notable character was Count Von Count but like all of the Muppeteers he played lots of other fun characters through the years. Many of the other Muppeteers were there to pay tribute to him. I took a picture of Dave Goelz who is The Great Gonzo!

Dave Goelz who played The Great Gonzo on Sesame Street!

After our tour we went to a screening of  Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. It was my first time seeing this movie- I loved it!!! The theater at the museum is very nice too!

After the movie we headed over to The Astor Room for dinner and cocktails. The Astor Room is located in an old movie studio where Chaplin pictures and many other movies were filmed back in the day!

The cocktails at The Astor Room are movie themed and they are very well crafted!!!

Flower Oysters (from Long Island!)

Shrimp cocktail and French onion soup! Both very good but the soup was a standout for me! Loved it!

This was such a fun and different date- I loved it! If you have never been to the Museum of Moving Image or to The Astor Room, you have to check them out! So great!
xo Lizzie

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