Monday, October 29, 2012

stormy activities

I am very uneasy about hurricane Sandy approaching New Jersey and New York. JT and I feel that we are as prepared as we can be. We stock piled ice and bottled water, blew up our air mattress since we will need to sleep away from the windows, gathered the flash lights and blankets and loaded up our pantry.

I am now organizing myself with activities for when the power goes out. It is helping keep my mind off the insane wind that is making me nervous.

While getting out all of our candles for when the power goes out, I found this "mac & cheese" candle JT got for Christmas last year. It made me laugh... it's a good time to use it!

The candle comes with a ceramic dish and a bag with a wick and loose wax "macaroni". Cute :)

Pulled out my manicure stuff. I might have a lot of time to play and experiment with nail polish colors and combinations if the power goes out.

Board games! Storms give us reason to finally play our favorite board games that normally get no love because we live in world where technology rules. My favorite board game is 221 B Baker Street! What's yours?

Some of the games JT & I will be playing.

And my last resort when I am bored... cleaning. eeeek! Let's hope the power stays on!!!

Everyone stay safe... I hope the storm eases up and just goes away. Sending positive vibes to everyone affected.
xo Lizzie

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