Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Last night I went to the Joss Stone concert with JT at Best Buy Theater in Times Square. She is my favorite singer. For years I would wish that I could see her in concert but she only did shows in Europe and if she did come to the US it was to do a gig in California. This year I have been very fortunate and have gotten to see her twice in NYC! 

All I had was my iphone... it just doesn't do her justice.

I have gone to many concerts and have found my demeanor at a Joss show to be very different than at other artist's shows. I get mesmerized when I'm at a Joss Stone concert, and I barely move or speak. JT even asked if I was having fun because I wasn't dancing like a crazy person like I usually do. I was having a blast but my body went into a trance and was trying to make sure that it soaked in every single sweet note. Joss's voice is just amazing and so soulful. She is not just singing the notes, she is feeling every emotion of the song and makes the audience feel it too. When the crowd sings with her, she even stops and tries to teach the audience how to put feeling into it. She will say "Ok you just stubbed your toe on that thing, and it really really hurts. NOW SING IT!"  or "Ok, remember that ass you dated... yeah think of him... NOW SING IT".

I have to mention the opening act...

I admit, I didn't know there was an opening act and then when we showed up I saw a table with some shirts and CD's on it. JT said "I guess there is an opening act". Ok- bonus!

Then the opening band came out, I didn't know their name, and 1 song in - I was hooked. They were totally awesome. I was screaming, clapping and jumping around... It was 4 songs into the their set before I learned their name, Vintage Trouble.I downloaded their album on my iphone on the train ride home- they impressed me so much. I became an instant fan - Vintage Trouble is WONDERFUL!

It was a great night out! I discovered a new fun band and got to see Joss! It felt kinda strange being out that late on a work night though! I'm getting old!
xo Lizzie

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