Friday, August 9, 2013

A Favorite For Friday; Pieces of Flare

I have been loving the 80's & 90's trends that have coming back. I happily bought a few pieces of neon clothing for my wardrobe and brought back an old favorite of mine, the jean jacket.

Back in the day (talking 4th grade!) I had a jean jacket that I LOOOOVED. It was a dark wash denim and I covered it in patches and pins that I collected from places I visited. These pieces of flare, I thought made my jacket way cooler. I am sure adults thought I just junked up my jacket but in my head I looked awesome!

Maybe I was feeling a little nostalgic, but I thought my new jean jacket could use a little bit of character. I didn't want to cover my jacket like back in the day. I just wanted to add a little something.

I found these tiny adorable wooden pins from Twenty Fingers that were just perfect.

Happy Friday!
xo Lizzie

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