Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Activity Boxes For Our Littlest Wedding Guests

To invite kids or not to invite kids to your wedding... This is a topic that people usually have very strong opinions about. I do not think that there is a right or wrong answer here. It's your wedding, if you want to invite kids, invite them. If you don't, then don't. It's your wedding, do what makes you happy.

For JT and I this was a very easy decision. We invited children and we were very glad we did. 

Right after we had gotten engaged our first family holiday was Thanksgiving. We pulled up to JT's cousin's house to find 2 of her children in the front yard waiting for us. As soon as we stepped out of the car, Isabella (who was 7 at the time) shouted "OH MY GOSH I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!" (while her younger brother ran in circles of excitement around her). There was no way we could exclude these littlest family members, I think they were more excited for us than some of the adults that were going to be invited.

So we decided we would invite children and we made sure their names were on the save the dates to make sure that everyone knew right away. We still got a few calls questioning us "You are inviting the kids?!" Yep!

Our venue was the perfect place for kids to enjoy. It had hills to run up and down and a lake to skip stones. Plus we had lawn games (Giant Jenga and Cornhole), smores, a photo booth and of course dancing.

There was a lot going on at our wedding to keep them happy & busy but we decided to put together activity boxes to get them through dinner and the toasts. Lets face it sometimes even adults can't sit through the toasts!

I made nameplates for each of the gable boxes to match the colors of our wedding.

The items in the boxes for the boys.

Fun items for the girls activity boxes.

Lilly Pulitzer Color-A-Puzzle

I put a blank card and envelope in each box with a note asking them to draw a card for us.
A few of the kids actually did it and it was fun finding them in our card box!

The boxes were fun to put together and I think the kids (and their parents) appreciated them.

xo Lizzie

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  1. I love these where did you get the boxes and how did you do the name cards