Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Birthday JT!

It's my husband's birthday! I made this card to give him a hint to help him guess his gift.

Any ideas? Well, JT prefers experiencing something memorable rather than getting an object that might eventually lose it's appeal as a gift. So, I got him a luxury car to drive for a day. I asked him his favorite car months and months ago and he said Ferrari. So I made the card with famous movie/tv characters who had memorable moments with a Ferrari. But then after I gave him the gift (he was totally stoked by the way) he went online and looked at the list of cars available and is now considering driving an Aston Martin instead. I guess I should have made a James Bond cake? Oh well, I am sure he will change his mind a few times between now and when he gets to drive it. But I can't blame him, the list of cars is amazing!

I made the pennant banner. I cut card stock with pinking shears, and colored checkered flags with a sharpie then I strung them on bakers twine and suspended it between 2 straws.  

My attempt at making the cake checkered. Far from perfect, but it tastes delicious!

Happy Birthday JT!
xo Lizzie

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