Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day Tripping; Jersey Shore

Today we headed down the shore  for a beach day! It was our first visit since super storm Sandy. It hasn't been restored to it's full glory, but they definitely have made significant progress which made me really happy.

We relaxed on the beach at Island Beach State Park for a few hours and then drove to Seaside Heights so I could get my boardwalk fix. I have to visit a boardwalk at least once a year and my one requirement is that we play skeeball. We played skeeball (& gave our tickets to a little kid) got custard at Kohr's (sooo good!) and made a shirt at Shore Store (you know, the one made famous by MTV). 

We packed so much fun into 1 day that I really can't believe it's only Saturday! We still have another day off to enjoy! Happy weekend!
xo Lizzie

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